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The Best Portable Fish Finder Review

The Best Portable Fish Finder Review

Portable fish finders are a great choice for every angler who wants to have the freedom to choose their fishing spot.

They can reach places regular fish finders can’t. You can temporarily mount them on a boat, use them when fishing from the shore, and take them with you wherever you go.

If you’re looking for a portable fish finder, you have to consider the type and the features each model has. This review guide will show you the types of portable fish finders and the top 5 models to help you choose the best portable fish finder for you.

Types of Portable Fish Finders

There are three types of portable fish finders:

Portable Units

These are the classic portable fish finders. They consist of a nylon case that carries the unit’s elements, including:

  • A small fish finder unit with a 3-7 inch screen
  • Portable transducer
  • Plastic mounting base
  • 12V battery

They are best used on small boats but can be also used for ice fishing and open water fishing.


These fish finders are perfect for temporary mounting on small boats. They are also the only type of portable fish finders that work with a float tube.

Smartphone (Castable)

These are the latest generation of portable fish finders. Unlike traditional fish finders, they consist of a small floating transducer that connects to the app on your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to display the scans. They are best used for bank fishing but can also be used on boats.

Top 5 Portable Fish Finders

Garmin Striker 4 is an easy-to-use fish finder with a 3.5-inch color display and built-in high-sensitivity GPS. You can use it to find fish, mark fishing spots, docks, and boat ramps, and save your routes. Also, you can share your routes with other Striker and echoMAP chart plotter combos.

This model boasts smooth scaling graphics for constant imagery when switching between depth-range scales. It supports keypad operation and has a history option that allows you to review old images and marked points.

It comes packed in a portable carrying case and includes a CHIRP transducer, tilt-swivel mount and transom and trolling motor mounting kit, and rechargeable battery.

This model is best for kayak or canoe fishing and ice fishing.

Humminbird Helix 5 Sonar features a 5-inch 256 color display with backlight, VGA camera, dual-beam sonar for more details, and greater scanning range. What makes this model special is that it has upgradable software to improve its performance. It also has two models: Clear and Max, which allows you to choose how you want the sonar returns to appear on the screen.

It comes packed in a portable case and includes a sonar, XPT 9 20 T transducer, and 12V battery.

Humminbird Helix 5 Chirp features a 5-inch 256 color display with a backlight. It comes with a new user interface and operating system, upgradeable software, and a micro SD card slot. It offers a wide range of impressive features such as multi-range chirp, internal GPS antenna, two modes: Clear and Max, for a better image, and two beams for more details and greater range. It also has a built-in map that covers the contiguous coastline of the USA and rivers. And, if there’s no map, you can make one with the AutoChart Live feature.

It comes packed in a portable case and includes a sonar, XPT 9 20 T portable transducer, and documentation.

If you’re looking for a wonder packed in a fish finder, Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 is the one for you. Featuring a SolarMAX display, new color palettes, optimized keypad with one-touch access to features, microSD card slot, and easy front-dash or gimbal-bracket mount, it is as user-friendly as a fish finder can be. Moreover, it comes equipped with:

  • FishReveal - For the perfect fish view. This feature allows you to target fish and get the best view without down scanning.
  • SplitShot transducer with high CHIRP and DownScan imagings - for perfect scans.
  • Auto-tuning - Get the perfect image from the sonar every time. This feature allows you to automatically adjust the sonar settings according to the fishing conditions.
  • Twice as much sonar coverage - You will cover more water in less time.
  • Genesis live real-time mapping and preloaded C-MAP US inland mapping - for navigation.


And, last, we have Humminbird Helix 5 CHIRP G2, a fish finder which has everything an angler needs. It has a user-friendly interface, high-speed LCD with up to 8 times zoom, and a micro SD card reader so that you can store all your screenshots and screen recordings and have more available memory. And, to create the ultimate to-go fishing tool, the Hummingbird has added a cable and transducer management system that allows you to choose the amount of cable you need at a given moment.

It comes with a pretty long list of features which include:

  • Dual spectrum CHIRP digital sonar - For details no other fish finder can see. With it, you can see each fish individually, identify schools and structures, and cover a greater range and depths. Moreover, you will be able to see high-resolution returns in flasher 2D and traditional 2D views.
  • SwitchFire - For control over how the returns appear. There are two display modes and settings that allow you to add or remove details, measure the water temperature, depth, and turbulence, and keep an eye on lure presentations.
  • Interference rejection - For clear images without clutter. You can adjust six settings to ensure clear sonar signals and see only fish on the screen.
  • Built-in GPS and Basemap - To find the best fishing spots in no time and a clear view of the underwater environment.
  • AutoChart Live - This feature allows you to create real-time maps of your fishing spots and gives you access to patented Humminbird® LakeMaster® features.

The product comes in a portable ice bag and contains the fish finder, XI 9 1521 dual spectrum CHIRP transducer and cable, mounting bracket and hardware, 9 Amp-hour battery, and a charger.


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